Megaflow/unvented hot water systems explained

A megaflo or unvented hot water system provides high pressure hot water. The hot water flow rates are much better than traditional open vented systems, which rely on gravity and the height of the water tank. Additionally, all cold water outlets are supplied directly from the mains, giving high pressure fresh water throughout the property. As a rough guide, the hot and cold water outlets on an unvented system, will operate at a pressure similar to the outdoor garden tap.

Based in Windsor, Leeson Plumbing & Heating experts will come and install a megaflo/unvented hot water system, providing a guarantee on our work so you won’t have to worry about future costs.

Benefits of a megaflow system

  • Higher flow rates for efficient hot water delivery
  • High performance showering throughout the home and fast-filling baths
  • Constructed in Duplex stainless steel for maximum strength
  • Patented internal floating baffle system to accommodate water expansion
  • No anode – eliminates costly anode maintenance
  • Insulated casing for the temperature and pressure relief valve to minimise heat loss
  • Unique ‘L-shaped’ long-life Superloy immersion heater reaches deeper into the tank giving more hot water
  • Titanium immersion heaters as standard on all direct models
  • Patented cold water inlet diffuser minimises mixing of cold and hot water
  • Improved insulation for maximum heat retention
  • New water inlet controls increase flow rates by up to 20%
  • Improved performance at low pressures